About Us

We're nerds from MIT.
Gaming is our obsession.
Perfection is our objective.

Lunarch Studios was conceived in 2010, when our designers—a team of five fiercely competitive gaming enthusiasts—set out on a journey to advance the art of online strategy games through aggressive innovation.

Experts in a myriad of real-time and turn-based games, our designers were dissatisfied with the industry standard: clunky, shallow titles monetized through exploitative "pay-to-win" schemes. While PhD candidates at MIT, they spent years refining their design, often completely restarting from scratch. Eventually, our founders left MIT to bring the game to market. Lunarch Studios was born.

At Lunarch Studios, we're committed to creating fresh, disruptive new competitive computer strategy games without any bullshit—just like we always wanted. With the technical skill and determination of a modern web startup, but the integrity and craftsmanship of a pure indie game developer, we're driven by raw, unflinching perfectionism.

Our Design Philosophy

Boldly innovative.

Strategy games have advanced surprisingly slowly. CCG, RTS, and tactics games all rely on the same basic 20-year-old formulas. At Lunarch, we disregard formulas in favour of a purely analytical approach: we define metrics—elegance, intuitiveness, novelty, simplicity, skill ceiling—and exhaustively search for game rules and design parameters that maximize them. The end result feels perfectly crafted and refreshingly fun to play.

Furiously Optimized.

We transcend "easy to learn, yet difficult to master", a deceptive tagline espoused by many games in which mastery ultimately becomes a grind of calculation, memorization, or dexterity. Instead, we heighten the skill ceiling by maximizing the richness of the emergent interactions spawning from simple game mechanics. Our games are a joy to master—a neverending endorphin rush as players uncover each new layer of strategic complexity.

Purely Skill-testing.

As expert competitive gamers, some of our saddest moments transpire when a high-profile tournament boils down to a single unlucky card draw, low-probability execution mistake, or completely arbitrary rock-paper-scissors choice. Many games depend on elements of chance as a crutch to obscure hidden balance issues, or to offer cheap gambling thrills to conceal underlying shallow gameplay. At Lunarch, we vow to do better. And we must.

Genuinely free.

Free-to-play is here to stay, but the message from players is very clear. They're fed up with pay-to-win. They're fed up with pay-or-grind. And they're fed up with greedy corporations attempting to monetize their frustration. Player exploitation is no longer a sustainable business model, and games like Dota 2 have exhibited a very profitable alternative. We intend to build an enduring brand by respecting our users. We're in this for the long haul.

Meet The Team.

Elyot Grant
    elyot [@] lunarchstudios.com
A former child prodigy with an IQ over 9000, Elyot obtained international honours in mathematics, yet refused to enjoy anything except video games. Elyot took more pride in winning the Reddit Starcraft Tournament than he did in earning the Computing Research Association's most prestigious research award in North America. Decried for wasting his talents, Elyot founded Lunarch Studios to pursue his true passion.
Will Ma
    will [@] lunarchstudios.com
A multi-talented renaissance man, Will became a skilled poker player in high school, profiting over a million dollars in a few years. Will's parents, believing gambling to bring bad luck, forced him to become a PhD student at MIT, where he secretly taught a poker class. In an ultimate act of rebellion, Will quit MIT to found Lunarch Studios. His family would probably be upset, if only they knew.
Alex Wice
    alex [@] lunarchstudios.com
Brilliant and audacious, Alex spent much of his adult life dwelling in a basement, surviving on ramen noodles soaked in warm tapwater. After grinding for years to hone his skills, Alex mastered every popular poker format and shattered online poker records by playing 50 tables at once for much of 40 straight hours. His domination of Project Euler has earned him personal calls from Google headhunters (who are yet to win him over).
Shalev Ben-David
AI Mastermind
    shalev [@] lunarchstudios.com
Since he was a toddler, Shalev's life goal has been to prove that every Hodge class on a non-singular complex projective manifold is a rational linear combination of the cohomology classes of its complex subvarieties. Having worked at both Google and MIT, Shalev is an expert in game-playing AIs, including those he developed for Lunarch Studios. Shalev is also a world expert in the HEX board game.
David Rhee
User Interface Engineer
    david [@] lunarchstudios.com
David spent his childhood imprisoned in math camps, where he was forced to speed-solve Rubik's cubes while blindfolded. His intense training led to victory in the Canadian Math Olympiad in 2006. Since then, he's learned to dissipate excess brainpower by making awesome indie games, and exhibiting world record performances in Katamari.
Mike Fong
Prose Expert, Resident Old Guy
    mike [@] lunarchstudios.com
Buy him a drink and he might tell you a story. A former pit trader on the Chicago Board Options Exchange, Mike spent a year training full time at the International Wing Chun Academy in Sydney, picked up a sommelier diploma from Cordon Bleu in Paris, was certified as a sake professional in Tokyo, and prop-traded at auctions in Hong Kong. Naturally, Mike joined us for none of those reasons. He's actually a top-notch writer.
Dave Churchill
AI Mastermind
    dave.churchill [@] lunarchstudios.com
Settling for only the best, Lunarch Studios found Dave, who single-handedly developed UAlbertabot, which won the 2013 StarCraft AI Competition, defeating all other teams' entries. Known to spend more time playing RTS and MMO games than sleeping, Dave's love of living in fantasy worlds led him to academic game AI research, where he dreams of someday writing a bot that can defeat Korean StarCraft professionals.
Dan Hunter
Lead Artist, Man of Mystery
    dan [@] lunarchstudios.com
Dan got his break in the gaming industry way back in 1996. Since then, he’s held various art roles at all levels of game development, working on big games like Halo 4 and Bioshock 2 as well as several small independent projects. Originally from England, Dan moved to the Great White North in 2006. Always found with a sketchbook on him, Dan takes part in game jams, likes Futura Bold and thinks Roger Moore is the best Bond.



We make a strategy game called Prismata.

We have no openings at the moment. However, if you think that you can offer us something uniquely valuable that we didn't know we needed, feel free to get in touch.

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