The Islands of Insight development team is available for new work.

  • Open-world game development
  • Multiplayer programming
  • Tooling and editor extensions
  • Backend and servers
  • Procedural generation
  • Unreal Engine development
  • Custom engines
  • Environment creation
  • Lighting, materials, and VFX
  • Performance and graphics optimization
  • Technical art and animation
  • Character customization systems
  • Puzzle design and development
  • Mathematical or economic systems design
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About Us

We're nerds from MIT.
Gaming is our obsession.
Perfection is our objective.

Lunarch Studios was conceived in 2010, when our designers—a fiercely competitive team of math olympiad champions, professional poker players, and MIT PhD students—set out on a journey to advance the art of online games through aggressive innovation.

As a company, Lunarch aims to blend the skill and determination of a tech startup with the integrity and craftsmanship of an independent game studio. We are exceptionally quality-focused, innovative, efficient, and unafraid of hard problems.

Over time, Lunarch has grown into a multi-talented 20-person team of gifted math nerds, scientists, engineers, and technical professionals. We aim to develop cutting-edge, intelligent games that use technology to create novel experiences of unexpected depth. Our products are ambitious, one-of-a-kind titles that define new genres and innovate in multiple directions at once.

The Leadership Team

Elyot Grant
CEO and Game Director
    elyot [@]
A man of three math degrees and many talents, Elyot won gold medals in national programming and math competitions, was 29th globally at the 2019 World Puzzle Championship, and held world records in StarCraft, Tetris: The Grandmaster, and several other games. He also received the Computing Research Association's most prestigious research award in North America. An obsessive gamedev hobbyist since 1999, Elyot founded Lunarch to pursue his passion full-time. He hasn't looked back since.
Alyssa Carey
Creative Director
    alyssa [@]
Alyssa got her start at an ivy league neuroscience lab, where she developed novel algorithms to interpret terabytes of electrophysiological recording data. In other words, Alyssa can statistically decode our thoughts. A veteran of both the arts and sciences, Alyssa's accomplishments include successfully performing brain surgery, building imaging devices used by cardiologists, and living a secret double life as a creator of fantasy worlds. At Lunarch, Alyssa directs worldbuilding, level design, and art.
Alexey Kozhevnikov
Technical Director
    akz [@]
Joining Lunarch in 2014, Alexey is what happens when an unmovable object is met by an unstoppable force. Alexey has travelled the world, hiked up Mount Fuji, plays the drums, has a black belt in karate, and can probably bench press the rest of the team. A survivor of Waterloo Computer Science's notorious killer courses, Alexey now leads technical development at Lunarch, managing graphics, gameplay development, network programming, tooling, optimization, and more.
Pablo Bongiorni
Director of Production
    pablo [@]
A 20-year veteran of the games industry, Pablo has worked on over a dozen titles across PC, console, and mobile. A master of both technical and leadership roles, Pablo has been using Unreal Engine since version 3.0, back when UDK licenses were open to a select few. Pablo is a driver of relentless efficiency across the team, and he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty.
Alex Wice
Design Director
    alex [@]
Brilliant and audacious, Alex grinded for years to master every popular poker format and subsequently shattered online poker records by playing 50 tables at once for much of 40 straight hours. His domination of Project Euler led to personal calls from Google headhunters, and his ridiculous Leetcode performance earned him a top 5 rating and over 20 first place finishes.

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We currently have no open positions.

Nonetheless, if you can offer something unique or extraordinary, please feel free to get in touch.

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